Dream it…
Tap it…
Do it…

Hello and welcome, my name is Melanie Bundock
and I want to help you start living the life of your dreams.


Virtual Vision Board Workshop

Tuesday 16th January 10am – 4.30pm GMT

“Tapping To Change Your Life”

Using the power of EFT to remove the blocks that are preventing you from the life of your dreams.

Where do I begin?

Dream it…

Start by fully visualising your goal. Picture everything clearly in your mind and really use your senses here, how it feels, how it tastes, smells and sounds. Dream it.

Tap it…

Using EFT, Tap away those blocks that are preventing you from realising your dream.
I will help you pinpoint these blockages and hurdles and start to replace these limiting beliefs with positive ones.

Do it…

Take action! Make a list of the steps you can take. Tap on those doubts and fears. Take that first step today by working with me.

Tap into your Big Vision

Get Up Close and Personal with One to One Coaching

This time last year did you tell yourself that things would be different this time next year? Have things stayed the same? Are you frustrated and losing hope? Are you ready to take action?

I am here to help support, encourage and motivate you towards your deepest dreams and hearts desires.

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I went with a ‘last resort’ attitude to Melanie’s workshop thinking ‘let’s give this woo woo a try’. Now, at the end of the month I have had more bookings than I have ever had. I feel so much happier in myself. I’m even getting on with my husband (which hasn’t happened in years!!!). Thank you Melanie

Jeanette Lendon

Photographer, Hemel Hempstead

Thanks Mel for offering such a great workshop. The whole atmosphere of the day really inspired me, especially building the mood boards which now sit in a prominent place as a reminder! I left the workshop with a sense of hope and strength in relation to both my business and personal life and as a result I’m feeling much more in control of both. Thankyou so much X

Lucy Mortimer


One of the techniques Melanie uses in her workshops is creating vision boards – usually a large piece of cardboard with photos and inspirational quotations stuck onto it. So far, I’ve made a personal board, a family board and a business board and I keep them in a prominent place. I have to say, it really works! Probably the best example of a ‘dream coming true’ was when I added pictures to my board that I’d cut out of a food magazine, and within two week, I had met the Editor of the magazine and an event and had been offered a column – quite unexpectedly. There are tons of life coaches out there and people promising to fix everything, but Melanie is very laid back and she helps you dig really deep to find clarity. She’s definitely my go-to guru!

Ren Behan

Founder RenBehan.com and Ren Behan Food

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