Dreams Really Do Come True

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When I was little I dreamt of going to Disneyland, it was the one place I wanted to go to more than anywhere else.

Fast forward 30 or so years, history seemed to be repeating itself with my children pleading with me in the same way that I did with my parents, it woke up that inner child yearning that hadn’t been satisfied all those years ago. I too wanted to go more than ever. Last year I set the intention that we would go in 2016. I have had Disney on my vision board for a couple of years now, but my daughter decided to make her own board devoted to all things Florida and Disney

On nights that my daughter had trouble sleeping, I suggested she visualise being at Disneyland (she had watched enough YouTube videos on the place that she knew exactly what it looked like) Also last year I shared my big vision of being at Disneyland with my business coach, and she led me through a powerful visualisation where I put myself directly in my vision, this included entering our hotel room at the resort and my children jumping up and down on their beds in excitement!

I had also set the intention that I wanted to be able to tell my children on Christmas morning that we would be off to Disney this year, I even declared this publicly on Periscope (just to let the Universe know that I was serious!)

Christmas day came and went, and I must admit that I was a bit disappointed that I wasn’t doing the great Disney reveal. At this point I had let it go (this is a key moment here which I will come back to)

Last Monday, I had a message on my answerphone from a man at Disney “Hello Melanie, this is Harry from Disney, last year you entered a competition at Clarks shoe shop, could you give me a call back please?” I’ll have to admit, my heart was pounding somewhat, I remembered clearly entering the competition (we do have to give the universe every helping hand we can). When I eventually got hold of Harry, I was then given the amazing news that we had won a trip to Disneyworld in Florida with flights, accommodation and park passes.

Aside from being completely and utterly over the moon, what I was most excited about was that my daughter had first hand experience of the Law of Attraction working for her. With this level of belief, I can’t wait to see what she manifests next. My son who is 11 and possibly a bit more sceptical than his little sister has also been inspired too.

I have since had many people asking me more about Vision Boards, questions such as “How can I get them to work for me?” “I’m getting impatient with my board” “How did you do it?” I don’t have all the answers, but I certainly know that my manifestation process is undergoing refinement constantly. What are the key things I have done differently? Here are some of the answers.

1. I made the Disney manifestation a group effort – there is always greater energy in a group.
2. We were very specific with our vision: Disney in 2016
3. We (well mostly my daughter) visualised our big vision, we really got into the place of feeling what it would like to be there, excited and happy.
4. When Christmas day came and went, and my vision of telling the children hadn’t manifested, I had literally let it go at that point. I was no longer in the state of wanting.
5. I took the action step of applying for the competition (I think I entered a couple of Disney related competitions last year), I was also on the verge of booking a new year trip to Disneyland Paris, but decided not to at the last minute as I felt this was compromising the real goal of Florida.

One final thing I do with my Vision board is to tap with it. I will soon be recording a video of the script I use, if you aren’t already in my Facebook group (Tapping Into Your Big Vision), request to join by clicking here, and you will be the first to know.
I will also be releasing new Vision Board workshop dates for 2016 in the next few days, details in my next newsletter.

Dreams really do come true if you believe and tap!


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