James Wedmore
I am so excited to be collaborating with my friend and mentor James Wedmore on the launch of his flagship programme Business By Design.
If you have A VISION of one day having, or already have online courses, membership sites, or group coaching, Business By Design is FOR YOU!

How it works?

Business By Design is James Wedmore’s flagship program that transforms Entrepreneurs and online marketers into the DIGITAL CEO of their business.
It is a one of a kind program that gives you the structure, systems and processes for running a business that gives you more FREEDOM and FUN!

If you have A VISION of one day having, or already have online courses, membership sites, or group coaching, Business By Design is FOR YOU!

This offer expires October 18th 2018








Business By Design Is Unique

What makes Business By Design unique is the way in which the content is delivered to its Members. Business By Design focuses on getting Members into action first. It does this by handing over the exact systems, processes, and launch maps that James uses with his team in his own business.
If you are a total newbie (by the way the word newbie is banned inside Business By Design), looking to get started, these process maps give you a clear step-by-step roadmap for creating your program and launching it successfully to the marketplace.
If you are a seasoned marketer, these launch processes are something that you could download and hand off to your team for more effective, effortless launches.
James doesn’t just show people how to create a course, but also how to launch several different ways whether it’s using a Webinar, Challenge, Video Series, or Email Promotions.

Special BONUSES Of My Own…

Create the Dream VIP

Value $1497

Imagine your business vision becoming a reality sooner rather than later. In the Rise of the Digital CEO, James talked of the importance of having a crystal clear vision for your business. In this first bonus, you will be one of the first to experience my brand new product – Create the Dream VIP

Not only will you gain access to my programmeyou will work with me 121 to gain clarity on the big vision for your business… PLUS I will create bespoke tapping scripts specific to YOUR vision AND recorded a guided visualisation to bring every aspect of your new vision to life.

Cocktails & Canapes


Join me in London on Thursday 6th December for an EXCLUSIVE get together at a swanky venue for some festive fun.

Have some bubbles, canapes and a brainstorming session with me, then soak up the atmosphere of Christmas in London town

Six Weeks Live Coaching & Support

Value $1997

I am dedicating six weeks to you to support you through Business By Design. I understand that Business By Design is a big investment – I have seen the programme evolve over the past two years, and watched the success stories of James’s students at first hand. I am a member of James’s Next Level mastermind coaching group and I have attended four BBD Live events, been a guest on James’s podcast and spoken on stage at his events.

I want to help you navigate the huge wealth of information that is in Business By Design and not get overwhelmed.
These group sessions via zoom are for you to ask me anything in relation to launching your product and to help keep you accountable in completing the programme.

Tapping Into Abundance

Value $497

You will gain access to my signature programme, Tapping Into Abundance. Business By Design is not a cheap course, and the investment might be leaving you feeling slightly anxious. Don’t worry! I have you covered.

Tapping into Abundance is an eight step programme to help you shift your money mindset. I have seen my students manifest thousands of dollars by going through this programme. But even more valuable than that is the permanent shift in money mindset that you will experience so that money flows to you easily.

James was one of my very first beta testers for this programme, and has been a huge supporter of Tapping Into Abundance ever since.  As well as the course, you will also gain access to a private Facebook group to share the breakthroughs in your new money story.

Bonus Tapping Videos

Value $297

– Tapping into your Business Vision
– Tapping away the belief I don’t have what it takes to be a success
– Tapping to clear the fear of comparing yourself to others
– Tapping to let go of the belief I’m not good enough
– Tapping away, the frustration of not being where you want to be.

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint hearted, it can be an emotional rollercoaster. These tapping videos are designed for you to dip into whenever you feel like you need a vibrational boost. Call it the Entrepreneurs Emotional Tool Box

60 min Facebook Ad Audit

Value $497

My final bonus is a one hour strategy session with MY OWN Facebook ads manager Inga Deksne.

Inga will give you a business audit and tell you what aspects of your social media activities you should be focusing on and how best to use Facebook ads in your business.

Total Value Over $4,785+
This offer expires Midnight Pacific Time October 18th 2018 / UK time 8am October 19th