Join me for Vision Reboot LIVE on

April 12th 2018

Supercharge your manifesting skills and make BIG life changes in the next 12 months.

Get inspired – lets supercharge your manifesting skills!

Join me at my first LIVE event of 2018

2018 is a special year, it is THE year to take action towards those goals and dreams you have have been patiently waiting to manifest. Let me explain, 2018 is an 11 Universal Year in numerology – 2017 was a number one year which was all about intention setting, new beginnings and planting the seeds of your Big Vision. The number 11 energy is double the one energy, a DOUBLING of the intention, a DOUBLING of the vision and the manifestation of your goals in DOUBLE quick time!


Claudia Connell

The Daily Mail

My vision board has made me realise the screenplay is my number-one ambition. ..When I close my eyes, I see the my script being filmed. In the fortnight since the workshop I have completed another six pages of my screenplay. And I’ve attached an additional Post-It note to my board that reads: ‘Finish and submit by December 2017.’…I’ll be sure to thank Melanie in my Oscar acceptance speech.

Lisa Nichols

When Mel taught us how to really focus on how we wanted to feel and how to tap with my board, my BIG vision (moving 200 miles away and finding the dream school for my daughters) manifested in only a couple of weeks. Nobody was more gobsmacked than me!

Abigail Dixon

“I found Mel’s workshop really insightful into gaining an understanding of the power visualisation has. It was also a lovely chance to take time out to really think about what I want the next chapter of my life to be about and what I want to achieve.”

Lynne O’Higgins

Mel helps me to expand my thinking and beliefs about what is possible and what I can achieve. She is always so encouraging and positive whilst gently challenging and lifting us up to move forward.

Ren Behan Author “Melanie is a true authority and a fantastic example of someone who knows how to manifest big visions and she has certainly helped me to fine-tune my goals and dreams and make them happen. An opportunity to work directly with her or to see her live shouldn’t be missed.”

John Kapos

I have always had a big vision, but Mel helped me to make it even bigger. Mel helps you not just believe in your vision, but she gives you the tools and the encouragement to turn your dreams to reality. With Mel ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

Nicole Bateman

Melanie has been a wonderful inspiration and shown me a different way of thinking and attracting a better and happier future with tapping and creating visions boards . Melanie has not only changed my way of thinking but also it has had a knock on effect to my family and friends around me. Has my life improved…. yes definitely.

This event is for you if:

  • You have made a Vision Board and you want to recapture the energy of the day you made your board.
  • Get realigned with your Vision Board
  • You want to spend the day with like minded individuals
  • You want to take one item off your Vision Board and manifest it in double quick time – possibly even within 12 months
  • You want a day filled with magic, possibility and miracles
  • You want meditation, tapping and a super fun activity (if you loved the creative aspect of making a Vision Board – you are going to love the Manifesting Magic Box)

Join me for a fun, inspirational and action packed day.

Leave with follow up exercises to keep your manifesting vibe high A delicious two course lunch and all refreshments throughout the day are provided.

The Aubrey Park is set in the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside, close to the historic market town of St Albans and the charming village of Redbourn.

Give yourself the gift of a day focusing purely on you and your inner most desires.

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The cost for the day is £247, book now to secure your place

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