How Much Extra Money Do You Think You Could  Manifest NOW if YOU Finally had Control of Your Thoughts and Vibration?

Discover the secret to allowing more abundance into your life.

Hi, I’m Melanie Bundock, mindset coach, and Creator of Tapping Into Abundance.

The fact that you are reading this page right now tells me that there is a part of you that is ready to allow more abundance into your life.

And I’m guessing you’ve probably already read a ton of personal development books or attended seminars.

You’ve learned about the Law of Attraction, and heard teachers talk about things like “getting into the vortex” or “raising your vibration”… so that you can be on the wavelength with all the things you want, and manifest them easily in your real life. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

But if you’re like a lot of people, here’s what may be going on for you:


You feel stuck in “what is” and powerless to see a future beyond it


You’re frustrated because you’ve followed the teachings, read the self-help books, attended the seminars and done the vision boards….and you’re still not seeing results in your life, relationships or financial situation


You wish you could just live your life and the money would figure itself out…but you dread opening your bills or reading a bank statement


You wonder why it seems so much easier for some people to manifest what they want, and if there is something somehow wrong with you


You know you need to get into a more positive state in order to receive (but your mind and mood seem to be out of your control and go negative every time)


You have guilt or shame or regret over things in your past, and you’re not certain you even deserve to have what you want


You’ve been this way for so long, it feels impossible that your life could ever change

Years ago, I read all those same books and went to those seminars too.

And I felt so frustrated!



Now, I knew what they were saying was true. When you’re in a high vibration, good things happen. I’m sure you’ve noticed it too!

When you’re feeling good, and expecting great things:


The money arrives unexpectedly.


You run into that old friend you’ve been longing to see, or they call out of the blue.


A massive opportunity you could never have imagined lands in your lap.


You find the perfect caregiver for your kids or the perfect assistant for your business, by “coincidence.”

But you’ve probably also noticed, as I did, there are times when it seems absolutely impossible to get or stay in that positive state that welcomes in your abundance:

Times like these:


…when the bills arrive and you have no idea how they’ll get paid (if you even have the courage to open them at all!)


…when all your friends seem to be getting married or having children, and you still haven’t met “the one” (or that relationship you thought would last forever, disappears…)


…when all you see around you, are things you wish were different — an impossibly cluttered home, a job you don’t love, a schedule packed with dreaded obligations you long to avoid…


…when you blame yourself and beat yourself up for everything you’ve ever done or left undone that got you to where you are now (this is the worst feeling of all!)


At those moments, as a single mum spread way too thin, whenever someone told me I needed to “raise my vibration” or “get in the vortex” I wanted to tell them where to go!

How DARE they make it sound so easy?

HOW could I ever feel good, when what was right in front of me felt so BAD?

I knew remaining in that state was keeping me stuck and separating me from the things i wanted. But I felt powerless to change. (Does any of this sound familiar?)

I thought: if only I had some magical way to transform how I was feeling, in an instant…


…to release the negativity as easily as letting go of a helium balloon and allowing it to float away…


…to “flip a switch” in my mind that would remove the blocks that had been holding me back (in some cases for years)…


… to finally get out of my own way and allow the Universe to help me instead of trying to make everything happen by my own sheer will and effort…

Then a miracle happened..I discovered EFT, otherwise known as Emotional Freedom Technique, or “tapping.”

If You Ever Wished Your Mind Had a “Channel Selector” So You Could Actually Tune Out Negativity and Tune In To Abundance, This is It!

EFT is a combined routine of tapping on little-known acupressure points on the body, in a specific sequence, accompanied by powerful language. I was skeptical about EFT tapping at first, because it seems so simple. But I soon realized it worked like magic to shift my mood and vibration!

How it works?

How it works?

When we tap on the acupressure points, and we address our fears, shame or upset about money out loud, we send relaxing signals to our brain, and from a physiological level we actually calm down.

I found to my surprise and delight that that tapping works like magic to help erase or greatly diminish feelings like :


… the anxiety surrounding opening up that credit card bill


…the overwhelm over financial paperwork,


..that knot in the stomach when thinking about how you’ll cover expenses

In that calmer, happier state, we are less stressed, more resourceful, and more open to solutions, money-making ideas, and also unexpected, unexplainable “good luck.”

But while tapping on its own is incredibly powerful, I’ve discovered from my own experience and with my clients that when you use it in tandem with certain creative visualization techniques, your manifesting potential goes through the roof!

I am living proof that this “stuff” works! It worked for me, and it can work for you too, just like it has for so many of my clients, students and thousands of followers on social media. I get amazing stories from them every day.

Just How Does All this Work…and What Results Can You Really Expect?

It’s actually so simple.

When our minds are calm and clear, we erase the fear and paralysis that separates us from the things we want.

In that state we can access our most cherished visions, open ourselves up to inspiration and money-making ideas and in many cases to abundance literally showing up out of the blue.

You know — when that thing or person or opportunity or amount of money you were thinking or dreaming about simply shows up — without you “doing” anything.

You’ve probably seen this happen in your life by accident. I want to show you how to make it happen on purpose, whenever you want!

By now you may be saying, “OK, Melanie, this is all great… but show me the money!”

I hear you. So many people have resistance and baggage around money, which can be so hard to shift. We become programmed early in life with disempowering messages from parents, teachers, and society.

Many people struggle their whole lives with money issues because these messages and beliefs have such a tight hold.

This is one reason why I was so excited to discover tapping! This technique actually begins to dislodge even years and years of bad programming, practically instantly.

I have worked on this and tested it for a long time now on my own money worries. I instantly loved tapping, and the effects it was having in my life… and then I found that the combination of tapping on the emotions and making them lift — PLUS adding the power of visualisation surrounding money really works. (Sometimes as if by magic!)

Here’s What Happened for Me:

If you’re here, you’ve probably already heard me tell some of my stories. My system of combining tapping with creative visualization techniques has been the key that’s opened me up to some completely out-of-this-world opportunities, including:

…being selected as a contestant on the TV game show Who Wants to Be A Millionaire and winning £20,000 …winning a all-expenses-paid trip to Disney World, Florida for me and my whole family And I’ve just found out I’ve been nominated for a prestigious international blogging award alongside Ram Dass and other luminaries… and I didn’t even apply. (I don’t even fancy myself a blogger!)

These are only a couple of examples! I expect miracles pretty much every day now.

But my story is only the beginning.

Here are just a few from my students in my various programs:

“Since starting your course, I get “mini-ahas” nearly every day. I got a cheque from an account that was closed 15 years ago. Today enough money came in to pay off the Mortgage! I know it is due to the tapping, being open to abundance and having a vision board plan, as it has all come sideways, unexpectedly, from nowhere predictable. Completely amazed over here! “

Virginia Cattle,

Nappy Time UK

“Thank you so much Melanie, your course has seriously changed my life. I joined wanting to make more money, but I actually learnt a lot more about what was preventing me make more money. Hidden secrets I had no idea I had! I literally use what I have learned on a daily basis and re-take the whole course often as I get better results every time! If you are reading this and considering joining, do it is my advice as you won’t regret it.“

Michelle Lloyd,

UK, Founder of United ArtSpace

“To be completely honest, tapping was a very new concept for my husband and me, and we were very skeptical. How could tapping our fingers on our face produce any results? It was December, we were in a winter slump and were desperate for a financial win. Melanie was leading a tapping session on financial abundance and we figured, “what do we have to lose?” We went through the exercise which was very calming. Melanie’s voice was soothing and reassuring and I felt a sense of peace come over me. At the end of the session, we both looked at each other and smiled and it was as if we could feel the shift in our bodies and minds. The next day, to our surprise, we received an unexpected check from a client in the mail!! Then, my husband was approached by a mentor to work with him on a launch which ended up being a six-figure launch. Melanie is the real deal! Regardless of what you may be struggling with, give tapping with Melanie Bundock a chance and I promise you won’t regret it.“

Serena & Andy Ryan

Now It’s Your Turn to Make Miracles Happen in Your Life and Finances… and I Want to Help!

Today, my greatest joy is sharing the teaching these techniques, to awaken people all over the world to the power that they have– right at their fingertips! –to create the lives of their dreams. I love working with my private clients, and seeing them transform their lives through the power of tapping plus visioning. So I wanted to create a way to empower even more people to experience this amazing work for themselves.

That’s why I’m so excited to introduce:

The Tapping Into Abundance Online Program

Tapping Into Abundance is an online program that allows anyone to quickly shift their own state into one that allows their desires and goals to manifest faster and more effortlessly in their lives, no matter what their current circumstances or beliefs.

Whether you want to make more money, the perfect relationship, better health or simply to feel better about yourself, Tapping Into Abundance gives you the tools to raise your vibration and transform your life, right at your fingertips!

In this unique program, with me as your very own personal Tapping into Abundance guide, you’ll learn not only how to tap, and exact words to use, in order to quickly release long-held money blocks and negativity, but also how to visualize what you want so powerfully that you become like a magnet!

You’ll go deep into your relationship with money and finally put an end to the disempowering stories that have been holding you back maybe for decades! You’ll see — and believe — why you truly do deserve to receive everything you’ve dreamed of. And you’ll discover that with this system, making miracles happen isn’t only easy — it’s FUN!

Tapping Into Abundance is for you if:


You know that there is so much more for you, if only you could get out of your own way


You’ve struggled to combat or control your negative thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back


You love the idea of letting go, and letting what you desire come to you more easily


You want a fast, easy and drug-free way to shift your mood and raise your vibration


You want to transform your finances, health or love life, starting NOW


You need guidance on how to make raising your vibration a habit, not a once-in-a-while thing

This is NOT for you if:


You are attached to the belief that only your own hard work and massive effort can ever change your life or circumstances


You’re unwilling to welcome miracles and unexpected windfalls into your life


You refuse to entertain the idea that you might “deserve” anything better than what you’ve got now


You’re determined to argue for your own limitations and that of the Universe

NOTE: This isn’t just a tap-and-get-rich program. It is about a shift in mindset, designed to empower you to enhance all areas of your life. That’s why in addition to adding in my creative visualization techniques, that help you get clear on and aligned with exactly what you want, I’ve also incorporated practical exercises such as:


Decluttering (to make way for more good to come into your life!)


Getting clear on your current financial situation (short-circuits fear)


Clearing money blocks (the old beliefs, guilt, shame, worries that pinch us off from money and all abundance)


Gratitude practices(all faith traditions and the wisest people throughout history all agree that gratitude works to bring even more good things into your life)


And so much more!

All along the way, I lead you through tapping and visualization experiences that will soon have you believing — and knowing — that all things are possible for you!

Here’s What You Get In The Tapping Into Abundance Program!


Module One – Clutter Clearing to Make Room For Abundance!

Clutter is one of the biggest obstacles that can block the flow of good things coming into your life, including abundance. Clearing the clutter – both physical and “digital” is one of the fastest ways to raise your energy levels, and it’s the perfect first step to making room for what you REALLY want. You won’t believe how this one simple practice will clear the energy in your home, boost your creativity and productivity, and raise your vibration. If you’re one of the many people who put off clutter clearing because you feel overwhelmed, we will get you over that in this module!


Module Two – Recognising old money stories and clearing them

What beliefs are blocking abundance from coming your way? What stories have stuck with you from childhood? “Money doesn’t grow on trees? ” “Money is the root of all evil?” Some people spend like crazy, because they have been taught “you can’t take it with you, so you may as well spend it” or perhaps they had the opposite drilled into them and hoard their money for a rainy day. Deep down, have you never truly believed that you deserve the finer things in life? Or that they are just for “other people”? It’s easy to see how these old stories keep us broke or struggling, yet they are so hard to get rid of… until now! When we tap on them, you’ll begin to feel their grip on you loosen immediately. You’ll be amazed to see that the more you tap, the freer you will be!


Module Three – Getting Clear On Your Current Financial Situation

Module three is a practical one! It is about finally having a good look at your finances and facing the truth of your financial situation. This will mean opening up credit card statements, bank statements or any financial paperwork that you have buried away. But don’t worry! Tapping on the anxiety or guilt this activity brings up will help you clear it, so you can start the healing, feel the weight lift, and regain your control and power. This is the module where you can save a ton of money. When I did this exercise myself a couple of years ago, I was able to reduce my mortgage payments by nearly 40% a month! Students regularly find amazing savings at this point, that they can apply to their dreams.


Module Four – Gratitude and Appreciation

Gratitude is a wonderful practice that does several important things: firstly it makes you feel good! You cannot feel bad whilst you are in a state of appreciation, and when you are feeling good you are raising your vibration. Secondly, it’s been proven that when we are in a state of appreciating all the good things and the abundance we already have, we then attract more of it in our lives. The truth is that too many people focus on the things they don’t have. What you focus on expands – focus on the lack, you will get more if it. Worse, it makes you feel bad and toxic thoughts begin to circulate in your head. When you switch your focus to the good, and to the abundance that is all around you, you will attract more of the good things and more of the abundance into your life. This module helps you make gratitude and appreciation into a joyful habit, even if you’ve failed to keep up with gratitude practices in the past.


Module Five – Opening Up Channels of Infinite Abundance.

Now that you’ve got a firm foundation, the fun really gets going! In these next couple of modules, we are going to start to create a new money story for ourselves, and open ourselves up to the possibility of even greater levels of abundance in our lives. I am going to help you think bigger, dream bigger, be more — and have more! For example, how many income sources would you say you have right now? One or two? Three or four? Wrong! There are literally infinite sources of income available to you right now! The only reason they are not showing up for you is because you are blocking them with your belief system. In this module we open your eyes to what’s REALLY possible for you! You’ll suddenly discover sources of income that were “hiding in plain sight”, just waiting for you to claim them.


Module Six – Your Big Vision

This is one of my favorite modules, based on my wildly popular “Tapping into Your Big Vision” workshop. Everything starts with a Big Vision. What is it that you truly want? How does your dream life look? How does it look in your imagination? In this module, I want you to DREAM BIG! I want you to imagine a new financial reality for yourself – how does your new financial story look? Let’s put some detail into that dream life. How are you feeling when you wake up in the morning? How do you feel when you go to bed at night? How does it feel to have financial freedom? Where are you living? What are you driving? Where have you just booked to go on holiday? This module will have you clear, excited and energized for what is to come. It works magic, even if you’ve done vision boards in the past. We tap to help you truly believe that your big vision is truly your destiny, not just a pipe dream. With that kind of unshakeable confidence, just wait and see what happens!


Module Seven – Clearing the Blocks to Receiving Abundance

Whether we realise it or not, most of us block abundance and prosperity from coming our way, not only through remaining old money stories ( which we covered in module two) but also in old limiting beliefs such as not feeling worthy and deserving. These will keep surfacing, so it’s crucial to develop a routine to combat them whenever they arise. So in this module, we tap on clearing those blocks to receiving abundance. The more we tap the more we will continue to clear them away. So I’ll also show you how to call on this technique “in the moment” whenever these unworthy feelings, stories or beliefs come up to sabotage you — whether you are about to make a sales call, raise your prices, ask for that promotion, or go onstage to speak and sell your program! When you have the power to blast them away with tapping, there will be nothing to stop the things you want from flooding into your experience!


Module Eight – Remembering How Abundant You Are – Abundance is Your Birthright!

This is the master module — all the previous modules’ goodness consolidated into one powerful, all-purpose abundance tapping script. You can come back to this round of tapping every time you need a boost. You can even make it a daily practice. This module is designed to anchor in your new high vibration, to continually remind you of how abundant you actually are, to keep your mindset aligned with abundance and to keep your channels clear so you can keep receiving the flow of money into your life.

What Others Have Said About The Course!

So… What’s the Investment for Tapping Into Abundance?

That’s an excellent question, and first I have some questions for you…


How much is it worth to you to finally end the struggle and “tap into” the power of the Universe instead of trying to do it all yourself?


How much would you love to be able to give yourself, your family and your community all the things you’ve always dreamed of?


How much would you pay to have a simple, effective way to quiet the negative chatter and switch to the happy, positive “abundance channel” whenever you want?


And perhaps the most important question… how much is it costing you now to stay where you are? Where you know you are standing in your own way?

I know that before I discovered this amazing system, I would have given anything to have the tools to create these changes and be able manifest the things I wanted. Indeed, I invested many thousands and a lot of time with coaches, trainings and masterminds on my way to developing and refining the Tapping Into the Abundance Program. I’ve been told by my mentors and by clients who’ve experienced this work that I should sell this program for several thousand dollars. Perhaps someday I will… But the great news is, you can access this truly transformative training today — and have lifetime access to it! — for a mere fraction of what I invested to create it.

Tapping Into Abundance Program

Your Total Investment  $497


But wait! Join me now and you’ll also get these abundant bonuses!

Bonus One

Decluttering Masterclass with decluttering expert Tracy Ross from Blissfully Organised Value $197

Bonus Two

Money Health Check Masterclass with Jill Romig – Certified Practicing Accountant– getting a handle on budgeting and debt management. Value $197

Bonus Three

Upgrade you energetic money vibration masterclass with Marcia O’ Regan Marcia teaches how to let your intuition and spirituality allow you to create a greater magical business and monetary success. Value £197

Marcia is an internationally renowned Colour Therapist and Energy Healer

Bonus Four

CREATE THE DREAM, A Virtual Vision Board Workshop Day to help you Create your Dreams Wednesday 13th of June 10am – 4.30pm GMT. Value £97

Live Coaching Dates


Wednesday 16th May 2pm UK 9am Eastern


Wednesday 23rd May 2pm UK 9am Eastern


Wednesday 6th June 2pm UK 9am Eastern


Wednesday 20th June 2pm UK 9am Eastern


PLUS Bonus Tapping Videos – Value $297


Tapping for a Surprise windfall of money


Tapping to clear money worry


Plus one extra to be decided in a group poll.


Tapping for more clients


Tapping for total money overwhelm/ worry over bills

Benefits You May Achieve By The End Of This Program


You will be clearer on your financial status, without anxiety


You will have removed the fear around your money situation


You will have greater clarity about your circumstances so that you can create a new money plan for your life and plant the money seeds of your new financial big vision,


Finding total clarity on what you really, really want in life — and having complete confidence that you are on your way to receiving it!!


You will have taken steps forward to change your life for the better.

Yes! 100% money back guarantee

I am so confident that you will start to attract more abundance into your life, that I am willing to offer a money back guarantee. If no shifts, no money no increased happiness and no aha moments occur within the first 30 days, you will receive your money back.

Disclaimer * This will require your completion of the course, a submission of the worksheets and attendance of all the live coaching calls.