Three Words That Kill Your Big Vision Instantly!

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When we have a dream, goal or a Big Vision for ourselves, all sorts of feelings can arise, the best feelings to have are those of excitement and anticipation – these feelings are the quickest path to manifestation.

So what are you feeling when you look at your Vision Board? The chances are when you first make it, you will be feeling excited. How long does that feeling last though?

Unless the manifestation of your Vision Board from Vision to reality occurs instantly, it is highly likely that feelings of doubt and impatience begin to creep in. With the doubt comes the big question. “How?”. “How is this going to happen?” “How is this even possible?” The vision board starts to look like clutter in the home, so we put it to the back of the wardrobe. The metaphorical act of hiding your vision board away, speaks volumes of how you view your vision.

So what are the three words that kill your Big Vision instantly?


The detached home in the rural setting, the New York apartment, the tanned and toned bikini body, being a best selling author, being the leader in your field, being on Oprah’s couch?


The vision is too far away from your reality to even contemplate, so by saying or thinking “it’s not possible” kills your dreams in their tracks.

So how can we overcome this? Here are my five top tips clearing away the doubts and negative feelings that arise:

1.  Additional visualisation, bring each vision on your Vision Board to life by putting yourself in it, for example, imagine yourself  walking through he doors of your dream house, or preparing dinner in your dream kitchen or soaking in the hot tub in the garden. Really allow yourself to “lose yourself” in your Vision Board and remember to have fun while you are doing this. Ideally do this exercise upon waking up or at night before you go to sleep. By allowing yourself to feel the feelings of being in your Big Vision, you are giving your body a cellular memory of what it feels like to experience your Big Vision.

2. Explore what comes up for you if your Vision Board were to become a reality – getting what we want can bring up lots of fears, identify what these may be, e.g. if I suddenly make lots of money, I’ll lose friends along the way, sometimes the most ridiculous fears come up when doing this exercise.  Just by identifying these fears, we can start to clear them.

3. Explore your fears around your vision board not happening, what if things remain this way? What if my Big Vision never materialises? Write down everything that comes up for you.

4. Look at the limiting beliefs that are coming up for you when looking at your Vision Board, how is any of this going to happen, I can’t afford any of this stuff, who am I kidding? Write out all the beliefs that are coming up for you.

5. For steps 2,3,4 and 5 EFT/ Tapping can be used. Tap each of the limiting beliefs that  you have written down. In my Free Vision Board Course, I have created two videos that will get you excited and aligned with your Vision Board, and also another one that will clear away doubts, impatience and resistance.

I would to hear what thoughts come up for you when you look at your Vision Board? Hidden it away? Maybe its time to get it out again ( or make a new one) and tap it into reality!


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