Why I failed to manifest my trip to Necker Island

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For over 10 years, I have been obsessed with going to Necker Island, Richard Branson’s paradise island home. Super exclusive, all inclusive ultra luxury.

I have made many Vision Boards over the years, and Necker Island has always featured on my boards, and I have been patiently waiting to manifest visiting this beautiful island.

It often features in my visualisation rituals, I imagine the sand between my toes, splashing in the crystal clear waters, chatting with Sir Richard over a cup of tea…

One of my friends even took a sneaky picture off my vision board, added some text and turned it into my own Vision Mug as a gift for me.

So when I saw that Richard Branson’s Virgin group were running a competition in the summer to win a trip to Necker Island, I thought that (with my track record on manifesting dream trips) I had it in the bag!

One of the key ingredients in manifesting is belief, I believed it was mine with such a certainty that I cleared the space for it in my calendar!

On the day the winners were being drawn, I was so excited, I was waiting for the call, I was ready, I just had to pack my suitcase!

I didn’t get the call.

Hmm but how could that happen, surely it was time for this thing I wanted SO much to manifest.

Lets rewind slightly earlier in the summer, I had made a new Vision Board, and I had set some pretty big goals for myself. Goals that I wanted to achieve by the end of this year including creating my first online course.

The inspiration for my course came to me whilst I was on holiday in France in the summer and I was eager to get going with it, however I didn’t really have a strategy for it. I literally asked the Universe to guide me with this – the thing is when we ask – we have to be ready to receive the answer. This answer came to me in the form of a new mentor who literally kicked my butt into gear! Thank you James Wedmore.

Tapping into Abundance, my first online course was born. I was encouraged to take action immediately, let go of my procrastination and need for perfection on this course. When I surveyed my community in my Facebook group – (Tapping into Your Big Vision with Melanie Bundock) earlier in the summer, the number one challenge that people were facing was money and abundance – or the lack of it.

I knew from my own experience that tapping eased my feelings of anxiety on the subject of money and I wanted to educate others to do the same.

So what has this got to do with me failing to manifest my trip to Necker Island?


The Universe had a bigger and better plan!

The Universe was listening to the bigger goal I had in mind. During those dates I cleared in my calendar to go to Necker Island – I used that time to create my course. If I had gone to Necker Island, Tapping into Abundance would have been delayed, who knows how long for?

I know Necker will come to me in the future, at the perfect time.

So if there are things you are trying desperately to manifest – firstly let go of the “trying desperately” – plant the seeds of your Big Vision, then leave them to germinate, don’t force it!

Remember the following;

  • Things are always unfolding at the perfect time.
  • Even though, at times,  we may appear to move in the opposite directions of our dreams – trust that you are on the right path.
  • Obstacles, challenges or curve balls from the Universe, always have lessons for us, be grateful for them – they are opportunities for us to learn and grow.
  • Let go of your attachment to the outcome (remember that’s how I manifested my trip to Disney World)
  • If you are at a cross roads and don’t know what to do next, ask the Universe/ God/ whomever you believe in and be ready for the answer – this may come to you in the form of a book that falls in your lap, overhearing a chance conversation, a new acquaintance, or even the lyrics of the song on the radio.
  • Just notice and pay attention the answer will come. Be ready to receive your answer!

I am hosting a series of webinars to launch my new course, I would love to invite you to my next webinar on Thursday 27th October at 8pm UK Time (Don’t worry a replay will be available if you miss it), it’s all about Transforming Your Money Mindset, I will be sharing with you exactly what was downloaded into my head from the Universe earlier this summer, I will show you how you can transform your money mindset and the Seven Steps in changing your money story from one of lack to one of abundance.

I’ll see you on the Webinar, or maybe in Necker?

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  1. Alessandro Ferullo

    Great blog and many lessons in it. As you say the Universe has great plans for us in its own time and does handle the details. I know from my Qigong practice and teaching, when I get myself out of the way energy, inspiration, healing and clarity come effortlessly. The tapping on abundance with you has helped me enormously with great results and I am grateful to be on this journey.

  2. Lisa

    Such a key point. Let go of the “trying desperately”. Despite 10 yrs of struggling, I learned how to manifest my new dream life within weeks of our last session. I will always be grateful to have your wisdom in my world Mel ❤️


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