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This time last year did you tell yourself that things would be different this time next year? Have things stayed the same? Are you frustrated and losing hope? Are you ready to take action?

I am here to help support, encourage and motivate you towards your deepest dreams and hearts desires.

We are all at different stages on our journey towards our goals, and I have created different levels of coaching packages to help you at whatever stage you are at. It could just be some block and resistance clearing, it could be helping you to get clear on your desires, or perhaps you know there are patterns and habits that you need to free yourself from before you can move in the direction of your desires.

How does EFT help with all this? Whether we are aware of it or not, our emotions and belief system are the two things that stand between where we are now and where we want to be. With my help I can get you to where your core beliefs and emotions are blocking you, we clear this at a very deep level and we create new beliefs for you. Once we clear this emotional and belief system baggage the path is cleared for you to head confidently in the direction of your dreams and desires.

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Bespoke Vision Board Day

If you are unable to attend one of my upcoming workshops, I can bring my workshop experience to you, to your home or your office. Whether you want to gather a group of likeminded friends together, or you are an organisation and want to motivate your employees as part of a team building exercise, or perhaps at a board level you want to create a Big Vision for your company, I can create a tailor made Vision Board day to suit your requirements.

To find out more, email melanie@melaniebundock.com to arrange a call and find out about this service.


Are you ready to get crystal clear on your Big Vision?

Join me for an exclusive day at a luxury venue where I will help you gain clarity on your Big Vision, you will have my total focus in helping you bring your vision to life. Before our day together, we will have a Skype session to help you prepare so that you will get maximum benefit from our day together. Additionally after our day, we will have another Skype session where I will provide you with additional strategies to keep you on track towards your goals.

Email me at melanie@melaniebundock.com to arrange your 15 minute call to see if this is the right next step for you.

The One Day That Will Transform Your Ability to See and Live Your Dreams!

Are you letting your goals, dreams and ambitions go unrealised? Has another year gone by and nothing has changed? Are you ready to do something about it?

You have ended up settling!

So what is your BIG VISION?


A new career that lights you up inside?


Starting a new business that sets you free?


Transforming a health challenge into perfect wellness?


Finally getting that dream project off the ground?


Finding the romantic partner you’ve always longed for?